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My first memories of puppyhood began at the Michigan Humane Society in Detroit. I was in a small cage right next to my brother Asta. I caught my family’s attention by continually giving them my paw… my persistence paid off and they fell in love with me and my brother Asta on the spot. Asta and I were adopted and began our wonderful life in a suburb of Detroit….Farmington Hills, Michigan. We were given the best home, lots of toys to play with, meals were cooked/prepared for us and most importantly, we had the most wonderful doctor/friend, Dr. Duane A. Kimmey, DVM, who always provided us with the best care. Dr. Kimmey formerly owned and operated the popular North Metro Vet Hospital while simultaneously writing an equally popular Detroit News column, “Ask Dr. Kimmey.” (Currently, Dr. Kimmey is Chief of Staff at Lincolnway Animal Hospital in Matteson, Illinois).

In January of 2007, I was rushed into Dr. Kimmey’s office and underwent emergency surgery, which ultimately resulted in the removal of my spleen. The Michigan weather that year was simply arctic, remaining in the negative teens for what seemed forever. Since I was short haired, shaved from surgery, had an extensive incision and simply felt under the weather, needless to say, I did not fare well in the cold. My family researched to try and find a coat large enough to fit me, as I weighed well over 100 pounds, am extremely tall with an unusually broad chest. My family was unsuccessful in their attempts to find a coat large enough to fit my build and made due with large sweat shirts, made for humans, fitting me only by rolling up the sleeves and tying the waistband around me (I won‘t even address how such homemade remedies went against my own personal style). Yet it was during this crucial recovery time that my family took my measurements, as well as those of my sister Madison (a St. Bernard), and the idea of The Chase Coat For Big Dogs was born. Although, I would not ultimately see the vision turned into reality as I was diagnosed with an aggressive blood cancer and was gone a short time later, my family’s love, care and compassion shows through on the coat that bears my name. This is my gift to your special pet. Enjoy!