Chase Rain Coat

Warm and Dry.
Delivery date: 1 week
Manufacturer: Chase Coat

The Chase Rain Coat Features a lighter weight/thickness of our signature neoprene outer shell with a 100% cotton terrycloth lining (both breathable materials) offered in black, green camo and grey camo ….all coat available with 3M reflective material, name embroidery and your favorite clip art or logo.

All coats are custom hand made in Farmington Hills, MI with custom sizes ranging for 10” in length to full size, ships
with a free slouch scarf and customized with your pet’s name embroidered on coat.

• Inner layer of polyfill, lined with a soft faux sheepskin•Contouring around the haunches for warmth and fit
• All weather protection through rain or snow
• Can be used Fall, Winter & Spring
• Can be stored/hung on hanger as shown in the site logo above
• Custom Hand Made in USA
• Custom sizes ranging from 10” in length to foal size
• Ships with a free slouch scarf

Sizing Chart